HSN Protocol

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Roex - NEW:
HSN Protocol
(Hair, Skin, and Nails)
90 Capsules

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Roex - HSN Protocol
(Nourishes and Strengthens Your Hair, Skin, and Nails)

Did you know that some of the most tell-tale signs of how stressed out a person is, is the condition of their hair, skin, and nails?

That’s right. The next time you hear someone saying how “stressed out” they are, take a quick look at their hair. Does it appear to be limp or thinning out in areas? Can you see the more obvious sign of excessive hair loss or clumps of hair caught in their hairbrush?

How about their skin? Does it show signs of irritation or appear red or inflamed? Do they have acne or breakouts along their face, jaw and neck?

What about their fingernails? Do they look discolored, dry or brittle? Are there visible horizontal ridges across their nails?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might just want to cut that person a little slack; or offer them some help. Because more than likely, what they’re saying is true -- they’re stressed out! So much so, in fact, that it’s begun to manifest itself physically.

The physical effects of stress and the visible signs it shows is extensive. The good news is, these particular tell-tale signs of stress -- hair loss, thinning hair, skin breakouts and discolored, dry, brittle nails -- are most likely just temporary, and can be corrected through diet (eating more nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and oily fish), and by supplementing with vitamins and minerals proven effective in replenishing nutrients lost during times of stress and restoring the shine, luster and fullness to hair, hydrating the skin, and boosting nutrient absorption in the nails.

HSN Protocol from Roex®

HSN Protocol is a targeted nutritional approach to revitalizing, rejuvenating and renewing the appearance and texture of your hair, skin and nails. It’s what people see first about you! So, why not make a better first impression, and look younger and feel better at the same time?

Targeted Ingredients:

HSN Protocol contains proven vitamins and minerals that nourish and protect the hair, skin and nails, and banish the outwardly signs of aging and promote a healthy, glowing appearance.

Biotin - The super-nutrient for healthy and beautiful Hair, Skin, Nails.

For Hair – Promotes hair growth, prevents dryness and encourages the production of unsaturated fats. Increases hair cortex elasticity and prevents breakage. Hair cuticles are thickened, making hair appear thicker and fuller.

For Skin – Delays graying and whitening of hair and restores hormonal balance to the skin. Helps keep skin hydrated from the inside and stimulates the skin cell renewal process.

For Nails – Strengthens nails and helps improve thin or splitting nails.

HSN Protocol contains 3,200 mcg of Biotin.

Vitamin A (in the form of Beta Carotene) - Vitamin A helps combat dry skin, and helps fight signs of aging and lessen the appearance of wrinkles in the face. It also promotes healthy blood circulation which gives the skin its glow.

B Vitamins - B vitamins are vital for clear, luminous skin. Numerous studies show that a high percentage of people with dry, flaky skin or blemishes are deficient in B vitamins. B vitamins also counteract stress, which, as we are clearly able to see, adversely affects our appearance.

Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D helps the body absorb and distribute calcium and magnesium, which are vital minerals for maintaining healthy hair, skin & nails.

Folic Acid - Folic acid is responsible for making new cells in the body. Since hair growth depends on regular cell regeneration in the follicle, a steady supply of folic acid is needed to support this process. Folic acid, along with a healthy, well balanced diet, helps prevent hair loss and thinning.

Zinc - This mineral helps build, repair and protect cells in your body, thus playing an important role in the renewal of skin cells. Zinc also helps maintain moisture in the skin and keeps your complexion looking revitalized. A deficiency in zinc can also lead to weak nails and hair loss.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C assists in the production of collagen in your body. Collagen is a protein which acts as a glue, holding body tissues together. If there is collagen deficiency in the skin, sagging and wrinkles may develop. Therefore, Vitamin C helps maintain supple skin and is also an essential antioxidant for fighting skin damage. You can get the most Vitamin C from citrus fruits, red and green peppers, cauliflower and tomato.

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