Fiber Blend

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Fiber Blend
(The Perfect Blend of Fiber)
120 Vegetable Capsules

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Roex Fiber Blend
(What Fiber Can Do For You)

One of the most beneficial natural foods and supplements is fiber. And in as little as a month of taking good-quality fiber you can feel little differences like improved bowel function and heightened energy levels. Roex Fiber Blend is blend of soluble and insoluble fiber that promotes regularity and digestive health.*

bulletPromotes healthy bowel function*
bulletSupports blood sugar and cholesterol levels already with in the normal range*
bulletPromotes a healthy cardiovascular system*

One of the most beneficial natural foods – and supplements – is fiber. You’ve heard countless times how great fiber is for the body. And in as little as a month of taking good-quality fiber you can feel little differences – improved bowel function, good energy, and even a sense of earlier satiety, so you may still enjoy your meals but eat less.

Fiber is naturally occurring in numerous fruits and vegetables primarily concentrated in but not limited to stalks and skins. Fiber is also abundant in whole grains – distinguished because fiber is retained in the husks, where it is concentrated. (Remember, stripped or processed “white” foods are husk-less and therefore “fiberically bankrupt.”)

Fiber, such as psyllium and glucomannan, absorbs a large amount of water in the GI tract, swelling and becoming bulky. As it passes through the GI system, it makes solid wastes softer and easier to eliminate. As such, fiber helps dramatically to keep the solid-waste system working regularly.

A third great related benefit? Regular bowel movements prevent stagnant stool from accumulating.

For those who are overweight, adding fiber to the daily diet can also assist in getting into shape for the long term. As fiber is a bulking agent, it makes you feel full. Enjoying a fiber supplement with a glass of water one hour before your meal will not only give you the ability to reach the suggested daily intake of 31 grams of fiber, it helps you concentrate on eating other nutrient-dense foods to fill up quicker.

Soluble and Insoluble Fiber

Fiber comes in two basic forms – soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fiber promotes regularity by encouraging peristalsis (rhythmic movement of the large intestine to eliminate waste). Soluble fiber (also known as viscous fiber) dissolves in water and morphs into a gel in the gut, which slows movement of food.

How Fiber Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Soluble fiber is believed to beneficially impact cholesterol by reducing the amount of bile that is reabsorbed in the intestines, and allows it instead to be excreted. Simplified, the liver will make more bile to make up for the loss and in so doing, will pull cholesterol from the bloodstream in order to produce the bile, and it will also increase its LDL receptors to obtain more of the circulating cholesterol it needs to make more bile. Ingesting more soluble fiber as regularly as possible can help keep your cholesterol levels in normal ranges.

How Much Do You Need

According to the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the average individual is recommended an intake of about 31 grams of total dietary fiber each day. The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) suggests that people adhering to the therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) program get at least 5 to 10 g of soluble fiber a day.

One more benefit of fiber that was shown in a 2010 study is for teen girls: dietary intake of fiber – and nuts – during adolescence was shown to protect breast health later in life.

Fiber Sources In Roex Fiber Blend

Psyllium Husk Powder: adds bulk to the diet, which helps promote regularity
Glucomannan: soluble, bulk-forming fiber that aids in occasional constipation, weight loss when used with diet and exercise, and assists in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within normal range
Arabinogalactin (FiberAid™): provides increased levels of beneficial intestinal bacteria and also acts as an immune-stimulating agent
Aloe Vera Leaf Powder: provides laxative properties
Acacia Gum: a prebiotic that stimulates growth of healthful bacteria in the large intestine; also helps balance healthy pH, which is considered good for bowel health

Roex Fiber Blend Helps You To

bulletAddress occasional constipation by promoting bowel regularity
bulletAddress healthy weight loss by promoting satiety
bulletIn conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise fiber helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within normal range

Additional Description:

Directions: Take two capsules one hour before the largest meal of the day with at least 8 oz of liquid.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule (Modified Cellulose), Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, and Magnesium Stearate.

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